How to prepare for updating to 3Shape Unite 23.1

Preparation steps 

Before upgrading to Unite 23.1 from Unite 21.2, please follow the preparation steps: 

Step 1. Identify the company that will represent your clinic and will be the owner of your active licenses. If you use Webshop, this is the company specified on your Webshop.

Step 2. Check that the identified company has a valid email that you have access to. Log in to the 3Shape Account portal, select Company info, and check the Company email address. If you do not have access to the specified email address mailbox, click Edit and change it. If you have been using it on Webshop, make sure you update it there as well.

Step 3. Identify the 1st user with admin rights who will go into Unite right after the upgrade and link the device to a company that you decided on above. They will be responsible for managing team invites, approvals, and user permission settings, for example, to make others become admins as well. Make sure that the selected user corresponds to the following requirements:

  1. The User is the local administrator in Unite. Go to Unite → More → General → Users → select User → Personal settings. Make sure the administrator is checked.
  2. The identified user belongs to the identified company. Log into the 3Shape Account portal with the selected user account. Check that the chosen company is in the list of user’s companies.
  3. The user is the administrator of the company. Log in to the 3Shape Account portal, click on the company name, and under Team Management, make sure that your selected user account has an administrator role.

Step 4. Prepare the device for the update.

  1. Clean up the Unite software on the device from users that you do not want to be in place after the update. Go to More -> General -> Users -> select user -> Delete.
  2. Check that the selected administrator user is on the device, if not, create their user and link with the 3Shape Account (can be known as the Communicate account). If there is more than one device to upgrade in a clinic, the selected administrator user should be added to all systems prior to the upgrade. Then right after the update this user will easily be able to log in like the first one clicking on the avatar.


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