System Requirements for 3Shape Implant Studio

Implant Studio is a design application that depends mainly on a good computer so we recommend the following features based on our PC Catalog.


Keep in mind that this information and requirements are constantly updated.


Compatibility requirements for 3Shape lab scanners

Lab PC requirements (self-sourced)

This covers requirements for PCs not purchased through the 3Shape catalog


  • For simultaneous scanning and modeling of large cases, 32GB RAM is recommended.
  • 1TB is recommended if used as a stand-alone system or a server with the order folder.
  • Specs listed applies to Dental System design station only.

Please check the serial number of older Scanner types before ordering PC. PCs do not support D250, D500, D640s and D700 with serial
numbers starting with CXXXXXXX and D710 starting with DXXXXXXX. All D8XX, D9XX,D1000, D2000, E scanners and D7XX scanners with
serial numbers HXXXXXXX and IXXXXXXX are compatible with the PCs.

The 3Shape desktop scanner has to be connected to a USB 2.0 port and it should be the only device in the USB host controller unless
otherwise recommended by 3Shape for specific PCs. It is recommended to connectkeyboard, mouse, dongle and other peripherals to
free USB 3.0 port when available 3Shape lab scanners do not work on shared USB connections.

  • 3DConnexion Space Mouse Pro is recommended for improved performance.
  • For optimal scanning performance using desktop scanners - Compute capability version greater than 5.0 is needed.
  • Only Nvidia Geforce and Quadro are currently supported for Dental System.
  • To run Implant Studio, you can also use an approved PC with processor Intel Core i5 (12xxx generation).

Peripheral and network recommendations for 3Shape systems

Network speed requirements:

The speed of the Ethernet is important as it will impact the user experience.
The faster the network, the smoother the user experience.
The faster the connection the faster sending and receiving of an order.
A typical TRIOS® order of 30Mb will take approx. 30 seconds to transmit on a 10Mbit/s line.


You may contact 3Shape Support if you need the complete and updated PC Catalog, this information is constantly changing.

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