Your first steps on the 3Shape subscriptions management site

Task: How to use the 3Shape subscriptions management site (3Shape Webshop) (only relevant for the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK) 

Here you can find some hints about what functionalities are available for you on the 3Shape subscriptions management site.


  1. Log in to the 3Shape subscriptions management site with your 3Shape Account credentials.
  2. Follow the Onboarding hints on the site and fill in the necessary information.

  3. You can skip the onboarding and proceed with adding the data later once you have time. Make sure you update the information before the next subscription renewal.
  4. Check your profile data and verify that the company information, shipping, and billing information are correct. If not, please change the data on 3Shape subscriptions management site by clicking on ‘edit’ next to each address.
  5. Update your payment details with a valid credit card or pay with SEPA (works in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany). Now your renewals will be done automatically. 
  6. In My products you will see the TRIOS scanners and the dongle ID’s that you currently have. If some information is missing or incorrect, please report it to our Support team through the Help Center.
  7. If you would like to buy additional Software, cancel the subscription, change the payment plan or service agreement, or modify any information for the dongle, please write to the Support team and we will gladly help. These functionalities will appear later on the Webshop for you.
  8. In Orders and Quotes you can see the purchase history and request quotes.
  9. Hardware items can be ordered in the Scanners and Accessories tabs at the top of the 3Shape Webshop.
  10. For additional guidance, check the Support tab for FAQ and Support contact data.

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