3Shape Unite 23.1 - Introducing new 3Shape Account structure


The new structure of the 3Shape Account is formed by the following 3 items: 

Company – the main access point and an identifier of the clinic. Going forward, it will be the owner of the active licenses, and it contains the billing level for the 3Shape Products (mostly for the Webshop users).

Team – holds all cases, connections, and integrations. This is the main and only point of contact with other companies – this is what is added via Connections in Communicate. Each Company can have as many Teams as needed, with only being the default one (all new users go to it automatically on Join). Each team can hold as many Users as needed.

User – an actual operator with their own 3Shape Account. It is a unique identity in the 3Shape ecosystem. Depending on their own permissions, the user can interact with the Team they are a part of (send/update cases, edit connections and 3rd party integrations) or the Company (edit company information, add/remove/edit Teams, add/remove/move Users).


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