Case sent from TRIOS doesn't appear on Invisalign site

Successful sending of a TRIOS case to Invisalign requires that several conditions are met.
Below you can find a list of what to check if a case sent from TRIOS doesn’t appear on Invisalign Doctor's Site.

TRIOS scans sent to Invisalign will not be immediately available on Invisalign's site. Usually it takes around 5 minutes, but it can take up to 40 minutes.  

  1. Make sure that your Communicate account is integrated with Invisalign.
  2. Make sure that in the case order form Invisalign is selected as a receiver.
  3. Make sure that the case is set as "Scan Only" in the order form. If the case has any indications (e.g. crowns, bridges, clear aligners, etc.) selected, the case will not be processed correctly and consequently, will not arrive to Invisalign.
  4. Make sure the case is present on 3Shape Communicate portal. If it is not on the Portal, then it wasn't successfully sent from TRIOS. Get back to the software and try to send it again.
  5. Make sure that all the required steps to access scans in Invisalign Doctor's Site have been taken (the prescription form is filled out, patient is created).
  6. If you have recently changed your Invisalign username or password it is necessary to re-establish the integration on 3Shape Communicate. Check if Invisalign is showing in the connections and if it is, then remove it and proceed with re-integrating the accounts.
  7. If the above steps didn't help to identify the issue, create a new case and try to send it.
  8. If the case still doesn't appear at Invisalign Doctor's Site, get the case ID and contact
    Case ID can be found on the Communicate portal in the case details:

Please remember that in the US, if the patient was not undergoing treatment before January 2018, the case cannot be sent from TRIOS, the only option is to export it as STL and discuss with Align its acceptance in another way.



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