Managing Multiple Subscriptions: TRIOS Ortho, Studio applications and Several Trios Licenses

If you have additional software modules like TRIOS Ortho or Studio apps, please note that 3Shape will only manage after-sales services and subscription management for clinics with a TRIOS scanner.

This means that any Ortho product or other software belonging to a lab (without a TRIOS subscription) will not be handled by 3Shape. If you own a lab and have such products, your reseller will continue to provide support and manage subscriptions.

On the 3Shape Webshop, you will find the TRIOS module along with add-on software (such as Ortho or Studios).

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If you do not see some products on Webshop, to renew an add-on software license, you will need to provide the following information: the TRIOS dongle and the lab dongle numbers. Contact 3Shape Support, and we will assist you in making all licenses visible and available for renewal on the Webshop.



For stand-alone apps (without TRIOS licenses)

If your current reseller is unable to assist with license renewal, we can help you find a new reseller.

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