What is TRIOS Share?

What is TRIOS Share?


TRIOS Share is a solution to enable the use of wireless TRIOS scanners on any PC in your practice via Wi-Fi.

To learn more about TRIOS Share, please watch this recording of TRIOS 5 and TRIOS Share Support training.

TRIOS Share has two types of connection:

  • Scanning via multiple scanning PCs;
  • Scanning via screen mirroring (Splashtop).

Scanning via multiple scanning PCs

If there are multiple TRIOS scanning PCs in the practice connected to the same practice’s network, they can now all interchangeably scan and plan simultaneously with their TRIOS Wireless, which means it will be possible to scan and plan simultaneously from any operatories. 

Scanning via screen mirroring (Splashtop) 

If a practice has one TRIOS scanning PC, you simply mirror that PC to any PC in the practice via Splashtop application and the practice’s network.

It's possible to scan and plan from any PC just like if they were using the original TRIOS PC. This option will allow you to scan and plan using any PC in any room, it is an effective solution and you just need a separate Splashtop subscription.   

What is the difference in the workflow (once the scanner is connected)?

  1. When scanning via multiple scanning PCs, Unite/TRIOS software can be launched on any approved PC in the practice within the same network and the scanner would be automatically available in Scanner Management.
    When scanning via screen mirroring (Splashtop), Unite/TRIOS software is launched on one approved PC in the practice and then the screen is mirrored via Splashtop to any other PC in the practice, connected to the same network.
  2. When scanning via multiple scanning PCs, each user/doctor can proceed to work on their PC after the scanning is finished and the scanner is handed over to another user/doctor to scan on another PC.
    When scanning via screen mirroring (Splashtop), the workflow should be finished on the PC where the scanning was done before handing over the scanner. This is because the main Trios PC can be mirrored only to 1 other PC at a time.

Learn more about TRIOS Share in the FAQ document.

How to configure TRIOS Share

To set up TRIOS Share in your practice please confirm you have the necessary network requirements and follow the next guides depending on the setup you are going to use:

In case of any additional questions, contact 3Shape Support

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