How to take a photo with 3shape Communicate App and use it in Smile Design

Integrate photos in Smile Design

Currently, 3Shape is testing a new option where the end-user can take a photo using the 3Shape Communicate App and directly use it on their Smile Design under 3 Shape Unite. 

Below, there is a video link with some information and the process to do so is the following:

'3Shape Smile Design - Excite the patient with photo-realism.'

Workflow steps 

After sending the picture from the smartphone to the software. please do the following under DDT:

Step 1: Verify on:  

that the pictures arrived there without issues. 

Step 2: Go to cases tab 

Step 3: Refresh communicate. 

Step 4: Copy the case and proceed with the Smile Design workflow. 

After following this steps the workflow should be accomplished without further issues. 

If you have any problems or questions, please contact 3shape support.

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