It is not possible to access the Scan page because it is grayed out and a message appears "The Scan Streams are located on another machine"

Description of the issue

If when attempting to go to the Scan Page of a particular case, the following Error message pops up and the scanning tab is grayed out.

And a message appears at the bottom left of the screen, that means that the Scan Streams of that patient were scanned on a different PC than the one where they are trying to access them.

This tend to happens occasionally on Client-Server setups and receiving cases from 3SCom. 


This is considered an Expected Behavior of the software as the scans are saved locally on the machine where the patient was scanned and the only possibility to see the cases (only the 3D model) in different PCs throughout the entire network would be after the case has been post-process on the original PC where the scan was taken.

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