"Sending failed. The email or password you provided is incorrect" in TRIOS

Description of the issue

The following error message may appear during case sending or when trying to login with the Communicate credentials on the User settings page. 

This error appears if the password has been changed in the Communicate portal but not updated in the software settings. It can also appear due to an incorrect login or password.

Solution steps

To resolve the issue, check the Communicate settings following the below steps depending on the application that is used.

For Unite

  1. Go to More > Settings > General > Users. Select the operator that is currently logged in.
  2. In 3Shape Communicate account section, check that login is filled in correctly, reinsert the password and press Test.
  3. If the following Connection failed message pops up, click OK and check the login and password again.
  4. If no errors pop-up, go back to Patients / Cases tab and click Yes to save the settings.

For TRIOS Classic application

  1. Go to Settings > Lab Connections and click the Configure Communicate button.
  2. Check that login is filled in correctly, re-insert the password and press Test settings button.
  3. If the following Error pops up, click OK and check the login and password again.NOTE: If after verifying the credentials the EM keeps popping check that port 9200 is opened, you can also test with a hotspot. If the issue persists there might be an issue with firewall on the network, antivirus on the PC or other security program blocking Communicate, in this case the PC will have to be checked by an IT. 
  4. Message Connection succeeded will pop-up if all settings are correct. Click OK.
  5. Click OK again in Configure Communicate window, Connection succeeded will pop up again - click OK to proceed.

After the above steps are performed, try to resend the order. 

If the issue is not fixed, please contact 3Shape Support

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