How to add and change the payment information on Webshop

To be able to purchase a Hardware item, renew an existing subscription or buy a new one, you need to sign in to Webshop.


Please ensure to select the appropriate region.



Step 1. 

Open this website: and select the "Sign In" option in the upper right corner of the page, logging in with your 3Shape Account (Communicate email). 

Communicate email is the one you use to send cases to the lab from our software Unite.


Step 2.

Insert your 3Shape Communicate (Account) details and Press “Sign In”

Step 3. 

Check the price and subscription. Click on 

1) Account icon and then 

2) My products

3) Under "My Products“, you will find the information about the licenses:

  • Scanner serial number  
  • Dongle serial number
  • Price without VAT

The price with VAT has already been calculated in the invoice, and you will receive it by email. 

Step 4.

Log in to the Profile page. 

Step 5. 

Check that your profile information (Company information) is correct and add any missing information. 
If you would like to change the email you are using, please contact our Support team
It’s mandatory to include your VAT number. 

Step 6.

Adding payment method. 
At the bottom of the profile page, add your preferred payment method.  
Check possible payment methods here.

Credit Card

 If you wish to pay by credit card, 

1) select the choice Credit card 

2) click on “Add a New Card”.

3)Enter your credit card details in the pop-up that appears on the screen.

When adding credit card details, you need to confirm a zero transaction to link the card to the Webshop. 



For payment methods such as SEPA, Direct Debit, or others not mentioned here, please select the relevant option on the website and follow the provided instructions. The payment process will be the same for all of them.



Wire transfer

 If you would like to pay via Wire Transfer, please contact our Support team

Payment will be processed automatically, as well as the renewal of the license.


What is a 3Shape Account and where can you use it

Contact 3Shape Support if you have further questions.


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