Payment Options for Subscription Renewal

For now, you can use the following payment methods on the 3Shape subscriptions management site (Webshop):

  • Credit card (for North America and in Europe: UK, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany)
  • SEPA (only for Spain, Italy, France, and Germany)
  • BACS - Direct Debit (for the UK only)
  • ACH - Direct Debit (for the North America only)

If you don't have the opportunity to pay via the preferred method mentioned above to renew your subscription and you contact Support for help, we can offer you the option to use Wire Transfer. Please consider using Wire Transfer as the last and not preferable option if the other methods mentioned above cannot be used.


Wire Transfer is an electronic transfer of money between a person or organization to another. It is applicable only for annual renewals, not monthly ones.



For Wire Transfer, you will need the bank details of 3Shape. 

Here is an example on the Invoice for you to know where to find the invoice number.

United Kingdom

Check it here


Account Name: 3SHAPE A/S

IBAN: GB89DABA30128135013237


Bank Name: Danske Bank


European Union

Check it here


Bank Name: Danske Bank

Registration number: 3001

Account number: 3002076756


IBAN: DK1630003002076756


North America

Check it here


Account Name: 3Shape, Inc.

Account Number: 781359641


Branch code: 021000021

Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank


To ensure a successful bank transfer, please, follow these steps:

  1. Access your online banking account or visit a bank in person to start the wire transfer using the provided banking instructions from here or the invoice email.
  2. Ensure the inclusion of the invoice number in the wire transfer to enable 3Shape to recognize the payment.
  3. Inform 3Shape by replying to once the wire transfer has been initiated, attaching a copy of the wire transfer confirmation or receipt.
  4. Expect the payment processing and subscription renewal to take up to 3 days.

If you need any assistance, please contact 3Shape support.

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