Low quality of Scans Previewed on Communicate Portal

When the clinic sends a case or gets a designed case from a lab, quality of 3D model with design can look in a lower quality when it is compared with the view in the dental applications (Unite, Ortho System and Dental System), there may be dots and pixels as on the pictures below.

This is an expected behavior. The 3D view on the portal loads the models at 10% quality so the models can load fast. If it were to load it at 100%, it could take several minutes to load due to the size of the files.

The 3D view on the portal was never intended to be used as a clinical tool to diagnose cases. For higher quality 3D viewing we have our software Unite, Dental System , Ortho Analyzer, or the 3Shape 3D viewer.

The 3D view on the portal is just a reference to see if the scans were sent correctly. It just reads what it receives. Being so, a lower quality 3D view on the portal has no impact on the scan's quality.

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