DS Core to Dental System. Installation and user-guide

DS Core to Dental System. Installation and user-guide

Since the release of 3Shape Dental System 23.1.0 it is possible to receive Sirona Omnicam and Primescan IOS cases in your 3Shape Communicate Inbox. We would like to give you some more insight into this functionality and show how to set up this integration correctly on the 3Shape Dental System side. 

Technical Requirements:

Please consider that all the requirements below are mandatory for enabling the integration between 3Shape & Dentsply Sirona. 

  • 3Shape Dental System version: starting from 23.1.0 and higher;
  • Active 3Shape Communicate account;
  • Active DS Core account;
  • Supported Dentsply Sirona scanners: Omnicam & Primescan.
  • Dongle license needed: the service is a separate licence and must be purchased as an add-on to Dental System, there are 3 subscription options which are paid on a yearly basis:
  • up to 600 cases per year;
  • up to 3.000 cases per year;
  • unlimited cases per year.

If you have any questions regarding the pricing, please take contact with your reseller.

How to get started with DS Core integration: 

1.    Login to 3shape Communicate and navigate to integrations:

2.    Enable integration for DS Core (Dentsply Sirona): 

3.    You will be automatically redirected to the DS Core login page. Login to your DS Core account:

4.    You will be automatically redirected back to 3shape Communicate and DS Core integration will be successfully enabled: 

How to receive and accept the case in Dental System: 

It is possible to receive scans from non Dentsply Sirona intra oral scanners directly in Communicate Inbox. 3rd party IOS folder will handle all orders coming from an external intra oral system. 

To view the order form, right-click on the order and select “Open option”, you will be able to check the order for details and make any necessary changes to it. 

Clicking on "I will design in DS" will allow you to download the scans and work on a case using Dental System or to reject the order by selecting "I won't design in DS" and design the case in a different system. 

NOTE! Cases from DS Core always arrive in created state when you select “I will design in DS” option. Once customer select “I will design in DS” option, the case will be moved to Created folder > there is no need to accept the case at this step, as it will be automatically transferred to “Scanned 3d party” when scans are downloaded.

Once the scans are retrieved, the order will be automatically moved to Scanned (3d party) folder, where you can accept it as a usual 3Shape Communicate case coming from Trios.


Contact 3Shape Support if you have further questions.

For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Setup Guide and the most current Manual.

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