How to enable Anita Dental integration with 3Shape Unite

Prerequisites for the integration:

  • 3Shape Unite 21.1.x or newer. 
  • Anita Dental version will be installed by the provider.
  • 3Shape Unite client Anita Dental should be installed on the same computer.  
  • Both standalone and client-server setups are supported.

3Shape Unite and Anita Dental (PMS) integration provides automation of Patient Management in 3Shape Unite from Anita Dental (Create, merge and update patient) for faster and easier managing of patient data. Read more about Anita Dental here.

How to enable the integration in Unite    

Please follow the steps described in the related article:  How to install "PMS integration" App from Unite Store 

How to enable the integration in Anita Dental

Please contact Anita Dental team prior to the installation itself. You will have to provide the following data to Anita Dental:

  • IP address of the 3Shape server or unit.
  • Hostname of the 3Shape Device(s). If multiple, please provide relevant information for each device.
  • Username and password to 3Shape.

After you’ve provided Anita Dental with this information, you will get an active 3Shape button inside PMS. 

Now you have integrated Anita Dental with Unite.

AnchorKnown limitations

  • Patient updates are only propagated from Anita Dental to 3Shape Unite. Not the other way around.

Contact 3Shape Support if you have further questions.

For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Setup Guide and the most current Manual.

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