How to enable axiUm integration with 3Shape Unite

Prerequisites for the integration: 

  • 3Shape Unite 21.1.x or newer. 
  • axiUm ‘Linked Apps’ module PMS  version 7.11 or newer. 
  • 3Shape Unite client axiUm should be installed on the same computer.  
  • Both standalone and client-server setups are supported.

3Shape Unite and axiUm (PMS) ‘Linked Apps’ integration provides automation of Patient Management in 3Shape Unite from axiUm (Create, merge and update patient) for faster and easier managing of patient data.  Read more about axiUm here.

How to enable the integration in Unite 

Please follow the steps described in the related article:  How to install "PMS integration" App from Unite Store 

How to enable the integration in axiUm ‘Linked Apps’ module

Please consult axiUm documentation for enabling and configuring of ‘Linked Apps’ module. Using Linked apps utilizes a custom function created for 3Shape Unite integration, as the application will have its own list of required parameters and formatting rules. 

The following steps are provided as an aid to set up and use the integration via axiUm ‘Linked Apps’ module software.

  1. Open Maintenance > System > Linked App
  2. Linked Apps window will be opened.
  3. Click ‘Add a new Record’ icon  to configure a Linked App.
  4. Enter corresponding parameters :

- Name: 3Shape
- Description: entered description will be displayed in the menu bar. 
- Type  "Command Line".
- Station-based. Optional (you may have the 3Shape linked apps integration enabled on specific machines if you choose to).
- Enable "Patient-based" box if this linked app requires a patient to be selected in axiUm before launching.
- Execute enter the default integration path:
C:\Program Files\3Shape\DentalDesktop\Plugins\ThreeShape.PracticeManagementIntegration\DentalDesktopCmd.exe
If the default Unite installation path is changed (or C:\ drive is not present), it can be found using the specific path 
-Function LINKAPPS_3SHAPE_F. If the file is missing, please contact axiUm for installation.

5. Select a linked app and click the Level Access (lock) icon to display the Linked App. Level Access window will be opened, grant the Admin access to Linked Apps:

6. Select a listed level and select an option from the ‘Can Access’ drop-down list:

  • No: The level cannot access the linked app.
  • Yes: The level can access the linked app.

7. Save changes. 

You have now set up the integration. 

 Known limitations:

  • To leverage integration on TRIOS MOVE, axiUm client should be installed on the same device. TRIOS MOVE should be part of client-server installation.
  • Patient updates are only propagated from axiUm to 3Shape Unite. Not the other way around.

Contact 3Shape Support if you have further questions.

For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Setup Guide and the most current Manual.

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