What is a 3Shape Account and where can you use it

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What is a 3Shape Account?

The 3Shape Account was formerly known as the 3Shape ID or 3Shape Communicate account,  is your unique account that you can use to identify yourself and gain access to most 3Shape products and services. It is needed to have a 3Shape Account, as it allows you to connect with other practices and labs and access the different 3Shape platforms.

Where can you use your 3Shape Account?

A 3Shape account allows you to:

  1. Send cases to other clinics or labs through 3Shape Communicate.
  2. Access Partner Portal. (Available for resellers only.)
  3. Access the eCommerce portal, which is the platform that allows you to renew your subscription (if relevant).
  4. Access the Communicate portal, where you can see the cases that you sent or received.
  5. Access the Community portal, where you have access to trainings and forums.
  6. Access the Academy portal, which is used to get some other training materials not included in Community.
  7. Access to the cloud-based user management controlled Included in Unite 23.1 and for instance, access to your local Unite installations.
  8. Use any future services developed by 3Shape.

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