How to create a copy of the order in 3Shape Unite

When a copy of a case can be useful

  • Case was sent to a wrong lab.
  • Changes need to be done in the order form.
  • Order needs to be re-sent to the lab.
  • Order needs to be sent to another lab.

How to make a copy in Unite

  1. From Cases view
    Go to Cases -> select the necessary case -> open three-dot menu -> select "Make a copy":
  2. From a Patients view
    Go to Patients -> find the correct patient -> find the necessary case -> select it -> select three-dot menu -> select "Make a copy":
  3. If only the scans need to be re-used
    Go to Patients -> find the correct patient -> in the main menu you would see the Patient's library -> select any needed scans -> at the bottom there would be a suggestion of workflows and labs which are compatible with the selected scans/files:

How to make a copy in Dental Desktop

Go to Cases tab -> right-click on the order you would like to copy.

  • Select Copy from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: This is especially important if the customer wants to perform any changes to the order, wants to re-send it or wants to send to a different lab. Likewise, if the customer has any issues with post process or exporting a case as STL that cannot be fixed under the original order.

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