How to update 3Shape Unite to newer versions


When a new Software version arrives, you might need help with updating an older Version of Unite (For example to newer versions such as or higher.

In order to perform this update, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Unite and go to: More > Store or also More > Settings > Installed apps & Subscriptions > Installed apps. This will open the store too. 

        2. With the Unite Store already open go to the bottom left corner and click "App updates" and then "Check for updates".

       3. The software will check for updates and if there is an update pending you will be able to see that listed according to the modules you need to update.

Remember: The Updates are totally related to the licenses contained in the Dongle. So, if there is a problem with the licenses, modules, and region settings this will affect the update and basic troubleshooting will be required to identify the root cause that is preventing the software from updating.



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